In his long and – dare we say – distinguished career, Fred Sangatati has been a Creative Designer and a Brand Experience Creative. But no matter the position, his approach to aesthetic has remained unchanged: Design to suit the specific communication needs of the project – not flashy trends or shortcut layouts.

This pragmatism, along with an innate ability to push the creative envelope just far enough, has served dozens of clients quite well over the course of 9 years. His client roster has spanned the ranks of international corporations to local startups, with focused expertise in building products and trades, consumer products and retail. As client needs grew, so did Fred’s skill set. While his passion lies in developing award-winning, jaw-dropping brands, he’s also fluent in the many nuances of digital design, including an intrinsic understanding of 3D design.

Fred’s quirky personality, encyclopedic knowledge of events and experiential marketing, and limitless list of great ideas make him a joy to be around…and a valuable member to the team.

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